Welcome statement from the president of EIATSCYP

The child and adolescent period is responsible for almost the entirety of our later functioning, our issues, successes and failures. The ones who bear the biggest responsibility for a child’s development are their parents, educators, teachers and the society as a whole, who often obstruct the child’s development instead of being helpful and supportive, due to ignorance or a lack of knowledge, and distorted beliefs about what is good for the child.

Unfortunately, nowadays the number of lonely and insecure children is increasing, children who seek the solution in various addictions, aggression, depression, suicide.

More and more children are traumatized and abused.

The aim of EIATSCYP is to help children grow up in a healthy and happy way, through numerous activities that include educating parents, teachers and the society, as well as training the professionals in working with children through various educations and training for counselors and psychotherapists.

An important task is the training for child and adolescent counselor and psychotherapist, in order for professionals to help the child and their environment in the best possible way, using additional knowledge and techniques.

EIATSCYP develops approaches and techniques in working with children with various issues, such as trauma victims, exiled children, children from wrecked families, children with different developmental disorders and chronic illnesses, and others.

Furthermore, a very important factor in this work is enabling a better way of viewing these issues and optimal ways of handling them, through informing the society and particular groups relevant to the child.

Kind regards,