Barbara Repinc and Tanya Srej Co-Chairs, Slovenian National Association IATSCYP

Barbara Repinc Zupančič, pedagog and sociologist, PTSTA (P)

I have worked in different areas of social care in the past (drug addicted, domestic violence, youth in crisis), and I have had my own private practice for eight years, where I work with adolescents and individual adult clients. My main interest is working with trauma and existential anxiety.  It is a pleasure for me to be a teacher and supervisor for TA students at IPSA Institute Ljubljana and to be a visiting teacher abroad. I also supervise counsellors and volunteers in different associations. I am a member of EATA (Slovenian delegate and COC member) and European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapy with Children and Young people EIATCYP (Ethics Officer). I enjoy life with my family and friends.

Tanja Šraj, psychologist, certificated integrative psychotherapist

I am finishing specialization in psychotherapy with children and youth and at the same time also my PhD about child sexual abuse. I have worked in centre for social work (violence, divorces, foster care …) and Health centre for children and youth in prevention program for emotional problems and eating disorders. At the moment I work in primary school as counsellor and in my private practice as therapist mostly working with children and adolescents. Working with children and adolescents is giving me constant challenge in a way how to make contact with them, flowing between direct and indirect approach and meeting their fantasy and playful world. There is also quite often a challenge working with parents and other people around them. I am a leader of integrative section in Slovenian association for integrative psychotherapy and transactional analysis SINTA and also ethic officer at European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People (EIATSCYP).