1. Bob Cooke, Rotating Chair of the UK Significant Interest Group.

e-mail: bob@mcpt.co.uk

2. Lydia  Noor is an UKCP registered psychotherapist working with adults and teenagers in East Yorkshire in the UK.  Before training in psychotherapy, Lydia worked as teacher and senior leader.  For the last 15 years she has been researching and developing training at the interface of psychotherapy and education and holds the belief that school workers with therapy skills can make a significant impact on social and emotional well-being of children and young people. lydia@webnoor.plus.com

3. Jon Blend MA Dip Psych, Dip Child (UKCP registered) is a Gestalt /Integrative psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and Lifemusician. Jon has thirty years experience of working therapeutically with adults and children in social work, family psychiatry and performing arts settings. Currently Jon works in private practice in London. He teaches the Violet Oaklander approach to expressive arts therapies at The Gestalt Centre, peripatetically and internationally. Jon also tutors in humanistic therapies on the counselling diploma at Minster Centre. His writings include chapter 12 – “Am I Bovvered?” on arts -based psychotherapy with adolescents in Harris and Lee’s book Relational Child, Relational Brain.

4. Joanna Hewitt-Evans

Joanna Hewitt Evans MA, MA , Director  of EUROCPS  is a UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist  and EAIP registered Integrative Psychotherapist.  EUROCPS was founded by the late Professor Ken Evans, FRSA  and together they developed and ran a Diploma in Psychotherapy with Children and Young People. She is a visiting trainer at several European Psychotherapy Training Institutes and  supports the development of Training Courses  in Psychotherapy with Children and Young  People across Europe.  Joanna also has an MA in Social Work and worked for many years for FSU Family Service Units in Leicester, UK.   During this time she was involved in developing  and managing  child and family therapy services including  projects working with children and families affected by child sexual abuse and with children and families of mixed heritage, impacted by racism.  She is particularly interested in the development  and research of effective models for therapeutic work with children and young people, both individually and in groups.