Prof. Dubravka Kocijan-Hercigonja, M.D., PhD, Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Neurology


Vesna Hercigonja Novković, prof. PhD, MA Integrative Psychotherapy, Secretary



The Institute’s aim is to develope, promote, advance, and conduct research and education of psychotherapy and counselling work with children and adolescents in Croatia, in order to preserve mental health and improve the quality of life, family, children and young people, as well as healthy development of self-esteem and a positive attitude towards oneself and one’s surroundings, which is prerequisite to a healthy mental development of children and young people. Our area of activity includes eduaction, science and research – professional associations in the area of science and scientific research.

Institute C.Y.F. carries out training in child and adolescent psychotherapy for doctors, psychiatrists , psychologists and special educators, which can last for 2 or 4 years. Upon completion of the training and passing the exam, candidates receive a European license that qualifies them for a child and adolescent psychotherapist or a counsellor. The program enables candidates to acquire professional and academic experience, with special emphasis on clinical skills, professional competence, personal development, fulfilling the requirements for clinical practice that ensures a high level of education and research. Upon successful completion of the training, participants gain a degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy and counseling, and a European license certified by EAITCYP and EUROPCS.

Our Institute also conducts the education of assistants in elementary schools and kindergardens of the Zagreb county about ADHD disorder and emotional literacy (development of emocional and social skills). It also held the First Croatian round table on multidisciplinary approach to detection, diagnosis and treatment of children with hyperkinetic disorder, which took place in 2014 under the auspices of the Croatian ministry of health.