Application for Membership

Please note organisations applying for membership of EIATSCYP that are engaged in the training and education of psychotherapists or psychotherapeutic counsellors must complete all sections of the application form.
1. Name of organisation :

2. Name of training course (if different from the above):

3. Is this application for full membership, provisional membership or associate membership?

4. Has your organisation and your training been accredited by a National Awarding Organisation ?

5. Staffing on the course :
(a) Director/leader of any training course/programme (include qualifications):
(b) Names and qualifications of any principal trainers on the course/programme :

6. State how your organisation supports the aims and objectives of the EIATSCYP :

7. How is your organisation constituted (that is, do you possess a constitution or the equivalent that is compatible with the constitution of the EIATSCYP? Please include copies of any relevant documentation with this application)

8. How many members( of any category) do you currently have?

9. How long has your organisation/ training course/programme been in existence ?

10. Do you have a code of Ethics and professional Practice ? (Please include a copy with this application)

11. Are there any ethical complaints outstanding against your organisation or any of the individual trainers?

12. Description of training course, if applicable:

(a) Briefly describe the philosophy that informs your training course.

(b) Give an overview of any course curriculum to do with psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic counselling with children and young people indicating how the following areas are included in your overall structure :
(i) Theories of human development throughout the life cycle, including sexual development
(ii) An understanding of various psychotherapeutic approaches
(iii) A theory of change
(iv)An understanding of social issues in relation to psychotherapy
(v) Theories of psychopathology
(vi) Theories of assessment and intervention
(include in support of this section any copies of your literature i.e. training brochures, details of the extent and breadth of the training workshops, recommended reading lists, requirements for the completion of training, details of assessment procedures and details of accreditation requirements and procedures.,)

13. Course/programme requirements :

(a) How long (in hours) is the taught component of your course/programme?
(b) What are the requirements for supervision in your training and who provides this supervision ?
(c) What is the requirement for personal therapy on your training, and who provides this?
(d) What are the entry requirements for your training (it is understood that psychotherapy trainings are at a post­graduate level)?
(e) How many hours of therapy practice does a trainee need to have completed at the point of qualification/accreditation ?
(f) Do your trainees complete a placement in a mental health setting or the equivalent ? (Give details of length and requirements)

14. Final Assessment procedures :
(a) How is the theoretical component of the training assessed in the final assessment ?
(b)How is the practical/clinical component of the training assessed in the final assessment ?
(c) Who is involved in both these assessment procedures ? Please indicate how external assessment is included in this process.