Dear colleagues,

For some time already we have been witnessing great atrocities and suffering in Europe.

In the light of recent event in Manchester and a couple of days ago in London, it seems that terrorist attacks are something that is becoming a part of our regular lives. Many people are affected and fear and sadness are predominant feeling that clouded our everyday living. The London attack was the 3rd one in the row in 2017 in the UK.

Nightmare scenarios like this are hard enough for adults to process and our natural instinct might be trying to shield little ones from the real world or simply hoping that it does not affect them. It is unfortunately necessary to set in motion a plan to meet the needs of those affected. The plan and decisions should be mutually recognized and signed off by every chapter and therefore I suggest that we make a website section “Against terrorism”, where we can update our suggestions for supporting those in need.

In the wake of such attacks, it is absolutely normal to feel that the world is less safe and to become more vigilant about your own safety and mortality. It is helpful to reach out to family, friends and others to discuss their feelings. They will quite likely have had a similar reaction and it is comforting to know that you are not alone in how you feel.

It is our obligation to join efforts with other professionals and try to help and interfere with this rather malicious and unpredictable reality that affects us all. We should try to create a mutual plan and agenda of support for those in need, so please, send us your ideas and suggestions and let’s start to use our new website.

We ought to react fast and face the challenges ahead of us!